Michael Mapél graduated from the theatrically prominent American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and after three intense years with the Academy, he began his lifelong journey into the world of entertainment.

After years of having a successful career in the theatre, he realized he knew nothing of television or film. Michael, always moving forward, believes that to know of something entirely, you must immerse yourself into your career of choice and learn on the job. So, putting his theatrical career on hold, he began with many production assistant jobs on several films and music videos. One of those films lead to an internship with Joel Silver at Silver Pictures, which lead to an assistant to several Creative Executives at Turner Pictures and finally settling into the position of Executive Assistant to Polly Cohen at Warner Brothers Studios. After several years with Warner Brothers, Michaels confidence in himself and his knowledge of the ins’ and out’s of how filming all begins, from conception of a script to the shooting of the project, gave him the courage to venture out on his own and return to his love of acting.

Within weeks of leaving Warner Brothers, Michael acquired an agent and filmed his first commercial. From this, he received his SAG card and national exposure. Bookings became steady after that with several student films, an Independent film, a music video, followed by a European commercial that was shot entirely in South Africa.

While the roles were coming, both commercially and theatrically, Michael wanted to learn more. Not one to sit around and wait for casting, Michael partnered with William James and Willow Brook Studios in developing a demo reel Production Company suited to the actor. Learning everything he could about editing, he has since been producing demo reels for such clients as The Brogan Agency and The Robb Company, while also editing for independent film companies as Cinetopia Studios and PEP Productions in both Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks.

To say Michael likes a challenge is an understatement. After becoming proficient in editing, he embarked on the discovery of Internet promotion. At the beginning of his acting career, there were no demo reels or Internet websites to help promote actors. There was the US Mail; a lot of headshot and resume mailing. So once again, Michael went ‘back to school’, of sorts, and learned everything he could about creating websites for the actor. Since then, Michael has become Creative Director, Editor and Web Designer for Willow Brook Studios. His wealth of knowledge and extensive experience has helped many actors reach their peak potential in career promotion.

Michael has never been one to shy away from adversity. Throughout his career, he has undertaken the toughest assignments and excelled in overcoming challenging issues. Michael has a firm motto… Never Give Up! He believes that’s one motto everyone should strive to live by.